Demi impressed by how long little girl can hold her note.

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Demi talking about meeting Obama the second time.

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We Know (Live Acoustic) - Fifth Harmony

"Life is a journey and a process that is constantly presenting us with new opportunities to grow and evolve. Every day and every year offers a chance to continue to be stronger, happier, and more compassionate. Set an intention to better yourself and be an inspiration to those around you” 

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"Even though you’re so damn fine, I know I’m better off without ya. Even if you cross my mind, I would always have to doubt ya.

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"One of the most liberating feelings in the world is showing someone who didn’t believe in you what you are capable of. The first time you experience this amazing feeling you’ll learn that it’s a waste of time listening to people who tell you what you can’t do. Better to spend time showing them and yourself what you CAN do. Remember, the sky’s the limit.” [Credit to Baily Flores Photography]

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Q: why do u think demi has such a strong connection with us -Anonymous

cause when she was young she didn’t have anyone to look up to who openly talked about struggles and things they went through so she wants to be that person for everyone

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