"Nobody knows how long we are here on earth for; you don’t want to waste your time here stressing about the next day. You should just appreciate the moment and try to cherish it as often as you can. Realize that time is limited and challenge yourself to live each day to the fullest”
Anonymous: your text post hallelujah praise jesus amen

aw thank you

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"When it looks like there’s nothing you can do–hold on. In time, something else will show up and present you with another option and you will know what to do. Never give up and let go. Have faith in tomorrow even when you don’t know what it looks like.”

vanessa hudgens and austin butler are the hottest couple ay

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alltoowhale: God bless your text post


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do y’all like demi for her style and hair or for her music and what she’s done for you personally through her story like get your priorities straight lmao. some of you sound beyond ignorant and you complain about so many things demi does on a daily basis like i get it you miss her old style and the way she used to be but if she’s not comfortable wearing the shit she used to then who cares?? she’s happier rn.. i hope you understand that and i hope you’re happy for her happiness instead of constantly bitching about her old style and hair like why do you care so much about what other people do. i don’t care if i sound like a kissass but if you’re gonna constantly bash her for her every little move then what’s the point of having a blog dedicated to her.

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I love me some #demilovato partying and dancing @elevennightclub #plasticfantastic with me. She’s so sweet and inspirational. She twerks like a #gayboy #turntup #party #weho #nightlife