Q: what's your overall favorite thing about demi? -Anonymous

i genuinely love everything about her but one of the most things i admire about her is the fact that she so upfront and she always says what’s on her mind. she uses her voice and fame to make a difference. she’s always passionate and never afraid to stand up for what she believes in and i really aspire to be like that one day. i think she’s grown up to be such a wise person and i love how she’s very open about not only her past struggles but her past mistakes. she makes you realize that whatever you’ve done, or whatever happened in your past doesn’t define who you are today and that’s one of the best lessons i’ve learned from her. she’s honestly such a great human being. she doesn’t really care about being on the charts all the time but she really cares about connecting with her fans and the world in general and that’s why she does everything in her power to raise awareness for certain things like bullying, self harm, mental disorders and gay pride. she’s so young and she’s already made such a huge mark on the world, especially our generation. but on a more personal level, i love her a lot cause she’s helped me with the struggles i’ve been through and if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t have asked for help or even made an effort to make sure i get better so yeah haha. i have so much more to say but i think that’s enough lol

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Q: You've put up a limited number of Fifth Harmony edits. How long have you been a fan? What's your favorite thing about them? -a-creative-spark-set-afire

im a huge fan actually i just don’t really edit them a lot cause i feel like no one would really reblog haha but maybe i should start editing more. i’ve been a fan since they joined x factor and i’ve met them a few times. my favorite thing about them is the fact that they’re so humble and relatable and they’re not afraid to be themselves. i feel like when celebrities are in the spotlight they start to change and become someone they’re not but they haven’t changed at all and it’s been such a pleasure watching them grow and become such confident girls. they’re using their fame and voice for the better and the message they’re trying to send with their new single is honestly really inspiring. it’s something really rare when young girls speak up about feminism and it makes me proud that they’re doing that. and i just love them as individuals. each of them has helped me in their own ways but it would take too long to explain that (: also when i met them they were honestly so so sweet and they made me feel like their friend. they have such a good relationship with their fans and it makes me so happy lol i love them

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Warrior Speech (July 17th, 2014): "I want anyone that’s here tonight, I want you to know that if you’re being bullied or if you’ve gone through or are going through any of the things that I’ve been through.. Whether it’s an eating disorder, whether you’re bipolar, you’ve been bullied.. And the most taboo subject to talk about which needs to be talked about because it’s spreading, it’s a huge epidemic in this country.. Unfortunately, it’s self-harm and it’s cutting. And I feel like so many people here tonight have struggled with it, or know somebody that’s struggling with it. So if you do, please speak out whether it’s yourself or someone else. Get help, tell that person that you’re there for them and just be the support that they need. I needed a lot of support and I relied on you guys and you were there for me. I know that every single time I play a concert someone hears something, whether it’s one person in the way way back, or it’s someone right here front and center.. you need to hear that if you’re a parent, get your child help.. you could save their life. You could save your friend’s life. And most importantly, you could save your own."

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"When you connect to the passion within you, there are no limitations. Passion is the driving force to any art and it’s up to you to make something beautiful with your life. Remind yourself that you are capable of great things with hard work.”

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Q: your blog is amazing, you give people a message that they deserve to be loved and that no matter their faults they are beautiful. I admire you so much <3 I'm from Brazil :) -knowmcflys

omg im so happy that you got that message from my blog thank you so much :)

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