@ddlovato: My Pony remix ft. @sirahsays.

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Q: Your Demi birthday thing is perfection, well done omg -deadcarsbending

thank u so much omg

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Q: hey i'm not okay and i'll read your tumblr to feel me better because you are so cute and your blog is beautiful, not my first time here, i don't know if u remember because you have a lot of asks buttttt anyway i'm from brazil sorry for the english xx and thank you for be here! -Anonymous

you are so so adorable i love you if you ever need someone to talk to im here and you can message me anytime, im so glad my blog can help you in any way

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Q: I love you! i wanna say thanks for all your gifs! ♥ -Anonymous

ily more you’re so cute

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Q: Hey. what's that video of Demi asking people to vote for her from? Ijust wondered if I could have the link. or something. Thank you! :) -honestlylila

here :)

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Don’t (Explicit) - Ed Sheeran

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