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Please watch it.

So disgusting.

iHeartRadio Concert - April 14th, 2014.
holdontoursmile: she put lots of emotions into this cover of 'Give me Love' because it's her recovery song. Marissa even blogged about how they used to listen to it every single day when they were in Africa.

idk if they ever specifically mentioned that it’s her recovery song but she did say that it means so much to her and that they listened to it in africa a lot :-) either way, she has a really strong connection with the song which is why she performs it so beautifully and she literally makes you feel a rush of emotions when you listen to her singing it if that makes sense

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Anonymous: demi singing give me love made me feel things i honesty have never felt before but at the same time i was numb

it was a beautiful performance and she put a lot of emotion into it, i wonder why

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