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i am so so so so so so so so s o passionate about music it is honestly my very favorite thing on this entire earth it makes me so undeniably happy and excited how can you just not love it with your entire being

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lauren “losing her breath” from being excited/laughing
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Q: you always say that you're annoying and apologize for being annoying but you're not annoying at all you're so easy to feel connected to and give such positive happy vibes and make me happy with your edits and tweets and stuff and you're my favorite blog (and twitter and vine) i just want you to know that so many people love u and think you're so special ((including me)) ily :) -Anonymous

why are u being so nice to meee omg i love u thank u and idk i guess i just have a bad habit of feeling annoying to people cause i annoy myself and whenever i complain about myself im always scared that it seems like im asking for attention but im really not and that makes me feel annoying omg anyway it doesn’t matter but thanks for being nice ):

August 22nd
Q: Top 5 favourite songs ever? -Anonymous

fix a heart by demi, afire love by ed, bloodstream by stateless, sideways by citizen cope and for you by angus and julia stone but i have too many other favourites

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