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Q: do u no how to enter that demi lovato shazam contest? i mean i did it 5times but how do i know if it went in as an entry. i now they dont send emails? -Anonymous

tbh im not sure but i know you have to be 18 and over to even be in the contest and you have to be in the US :) good luck

August 31st
Q: I appreciate when you stand up for yourself on twitter just thought id let you know -Anonymous

you’re so cute thank you for saying that

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dear followers,

  • have you eaten today?

  • did you take any meds you need?

  • how about hydration?

  • maybe a nap if you need one

  • you are awesome

  • keep it up

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Demi (Sketchers Photoshoot).

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Q: I knew that 'maybe' you're pregnant, you are happy, but also worried about 'Demi wordl tour'. Anyway, happy birthday love'💗💎💕 -unpassatodadimenticare

im not demi

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Demi’s reaction to people singing along.

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